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Person Ages 12+

Dorset Battlefield Games Combo Package

Insight Activities are now offering live team-based Archery Battlefield Tag. Our archery tag battlefield games combine specifically designed ‘tagging’ arrows with traditional, full power, recurve bows- the ultimate archery battlefield experience, a safe yet thrilling archery tag game. The ultimate aim is to ‘tag’ your opponents to take them out of the game.

Archery Battlefield Tag is an exciting team based battlefield sport, exclusive to Insight Activities. We can play indoors or out as our archery arrows have been specifically designed to absorb the impact. Our custom made ‘heads’ absorb the power of the impact, no welts or bruising like with paintball!! We generally run our games in an outdoor woodland environment but are fully mobile and able to run these games indoors too!

Combine with axe throwing and crossbow shooting for a full morning or afternoon package.