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Quick Details

Person Ages 10+

Half Day Fire & Knife Craft, Bushcraft course at Dorset

On this 3hr short bushcraft course, you will learn core fire lighting and knife working techniques, using only natural materials with both modern and historic fire lighting methods. Learn about the pros and cons of various fire lighting methods and fire lays, and most importantly – how to reduce impact and leave no trace.

Survival is just that, survival only. Bushcraft is about thriving and enhancing the woodland environment through ethical collection and use of materials, minimising our impact on the environment – whilst also getting what we need to survive.

Adopt safe and efficient knife work skills that are essential for wilderness living and camp craft. You will practically use these skills to craft a necessary tool. Tent peg, splitting wedge or a pot hanger can be made, depending on the session requirements.

These are top quality, authentic bushcraft courses in Dorset delivered by highly qualified, experienced and passionate instructors.

For Bushcraft sessions we require an initial booking of 5 people, perfect for larger families and groups. Suitable for beginners and those with existing skills alike. Smaller groups can then book once a session is confirmed (Ages 8+)

  • No previous experience expected or required. Pre-booking is essential. We welcome families, couples, businesses and stag & hen parties.
  • For more in depth full day and overnight programmes, please see our other Dorset Bushcraft Courses. There’s also some YouTube videos for an idea of what to expect.