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Couple & Family Activities

New Forest & Dorset

We specialise in delivering fun and engaging outdoor activities for families, friends and couples:


Providing outdoor activities for couples in the New Forest and Dorset are a core part of our business as we can accept smaller bookings. Escape the mundane and make the most of a day-off together by getting outdoors for some shared adventures!

Have fun competing for who’s buying dinner or doing the washing up! Relax in our beautiful woodland whilst having some healthy mutual fun together.

Bragging rights, photos, memories and possibly even a ‘golden arrow’ trophy to treasure. Please see our location activity pages for a great selection of fun things to do for couples in the New Forest & Dorset!


We provide lots of family friendly activities in the New Forest and Dorset from ages 6+ to 90+, age (or gender) is no indicator of ability in our experience! Archery for ages 6+, Axe throwing and Crossbows for ages 12+, Bushcraft ages 8+.

Fun outdoor activities suitable for the whole family to enjoy, with a little healthy competition thrown in! The ranges are close together, so, as a group, under 12’s can book archery only whilst others can also do the other activities and be in the same area.

What better way to escape technology and re-engage as a family than getting outdoors and shooting some stuff together! Our outdoor activities keep kids, teenagers and big kids with grey hairs entertained and engaged, with a healthy dose of fun competition. Photos, memories and bragging rights are free..!

No previous experience required or expected. Please see our activity location pages for a selection of fun things to do as a family in the New Forest or Dorset!


We generally require a minimum booking of 4 places for a session to be confirmed. However, most of our sessions are made up by combining small enquries to make up the minimum numbers. When booking online, if it says 12 places left then essentially that means nobody else has booked yet. If you want a guaranteed session at point of booking then please book onto a session that already has bookings. Most sessions will confirm, occasionally we will have to contact you to combine with another enquiry if the minimum numbers were not met within 24hrs of the start time.


"Keep 3 generations of family entertained"

Looking for an an activity to keep 3 generations of family entertained whilst in the New Forest, we found this great company and booked Archery and Axe throwing. It was a fabulous couple of hours that we all really enjoyed. Josh our instructor was friendly, patient and chilled. It was such a hot day and he was thoughtful and caring to us and our two dogs. Loved the eliminator! Really nice quiet location in the forest too. Thank you 😊

– Tracy R., Google reviews
"Activities suitable for all ages"

We had a great time in having archery, axe throwing and crossbow shooting. The instructor, Jeff, was a funny, experienced and patience guy. The place was lovely and these activities suitable for all ages (My parents are 60+). Definitely recommend!

– Phoebe L., Tripadvisor review
"We had so much fun"

My partner and I attended the Medieval Trio course which included archery, crossbow shooting and axe throwing. Glenn, our instructor was awesome, very knowledgeable and funny! We had so much fun, we didn't want to leave. We'll be back very soon, I'm sure.

– Adrienn B., Google review
"Great for bonding with our two teenage boys"

We really enjoyed our day in the woods learning archery, axe throwing and crossbow (even in the rain!). Great for bonding with our two teenage boys & thanks to Glenn for showing us the way.

– jcollins846, Tripadvisor review
"A fun event for visiting family"

Booked the trio as a fun event for visiting family; it was great fun! We each excelled at a different activity which was interesting and competitive! Rob was a great guy to guide us. Only thing not mentioned was a short-ish super steep track down to the site; definitely not one for wheelchairs/walkers etc!

– Nicola P., Google review