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Educational Groups


We also provide a range of on and off site activities and key stage programmes for schools.

Have you and your students ever wondered what it is like to survive in the wilderness, to set up camp, light a fire from scratch, shoot an arrow and work together to build a giant catapult? Learning how best to work together to achieve all these things.

Learning in the outdoors is a most beneficial form of education, taking time out, enjoying nature, engaging with each other and the communities of the natural world. Students learn in their natural way and at their own speed and interest.

At our woodlands, we provide target based outdoor activities as well as facilities for bushcraft and Forest School: for school groups and other educational groups, as well as special interest clubs.

We are also able to provide mobile facilities to bring archery, bush craft and Forest School to your school or other suitable location.

All sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of your students from classes (please see guidance or enquire for numbers and ratios), SEND, to bespoke individual and small group sessions.

All sessions are led by our skilled and qualified staff.

Experience Sessions – one session or a combined day

  • Team Challenge activities
  • Archery and Trebuchet / Catapults
  • Bushcraft

We can offer themed historical activities including archery with trebuchet/catapult construction and operation, great for teamwork and practical skills with links to the school curriculum.

  • Who would like to be Robin Hood or Maid Marion?
  • How can we build the trebuchet to storm the castle and take the crown?
  • KS2, KS3, and KS4


Bushcraft has many facets, from lighting fires, shelter building, cooking and knife craft.
Working together, deciding why to site a shelter or a fire. Being respectful and responsible when using knives, which students love to do. Learning what each other eats when cooking is all part of team building and social interaction, whilst working and respecting nature.

  • How can we work together to find food?
  • How can we work together to collect firewood?
  • How do we know what tree that is?
  • KS2, KS3, and KS4
  • Personal and Social Development

Archery and Forest School

Learn archery and spend time in the woods learning bushcraft and how to be in nature. Learn how to create woodland crafts. Again, this is great for teamwork but also on a personal level engaging students with a sense of achievement, using a bow and arrow, creating something arty from the environment.

  • How to use a bow and arrow for the first time?
  • How to make a present to take home from the woods?

Mindful archery

Archery is a skill and can often help settle those people with a busy mind in a steady and calm environment, participants can channel themselves and achieve their own targets.

Enhanced with timeout and explore the woodland to walk and talk.

This can be tailored with elements of Forest School practice applied.

Bushcraft Course – six-week sessions

Bushcraft Skills

This is a progressive set of six weekly sessions, students of Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 and bespoke sessions. The programmes offered are tailored to suit each key stage and related to the school curriculum.

Specialised Activities

We can tailor your experience with us with additional and bespoke activities including Field Archery in our woods to foraging and outdoor cooking. And even drum making!

Staff Development Days

Please contact us to discuss how we could provide activities to engage staff and encourage a culture of considerate and natural team working behaviours.