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Mobile Activities

Can’t come to us? No problem, Insight activities are 100% mobile and have over 20yrs experience in delivering quality mobile activities for a whole range of events. We can supply mobile shooting ranges and bushcraft activities for schools, corporate events, private parties, weddings or just about any occasion you can think of!


Our Bushcraft fire lighting and knife craft courses are also fully mobile so if you have a suitable location, we can come to you! If working in a controlled environment such as a school or hotel grounds, we will be using fire pits to ensure no trace will be left after the session.

Archery Range

We can provide archery ranges at any suitable venue of your choice. Expect a full range of professional quality bows, 2 – 4 large targets, marquee, bunting. Up to 12 participants at a time.

Axe Throwing Range

Axe throwing is a challenging but extremely rewarding sport. If you fancy something more medieval then book our unique, custom designed axes. Our axe throwing range can be provided at any suitable venue of your choice. Up to 6 x targets, competitive, fun and safe! More skill than brawn required!

Archery Battlefield Tag

Archery Battlefield tag is an exciting team based battlefield sport utilising traditional recurve archery bows with specifically designed ‘tagging’ arrows, essentially archery paintball but with less mess and pain. Requires bravery, strategy and teamwork. A whole range of game scenarios, it’s great fun and guaranteed to bring on a sweat! A fantastic activity for larger groups to battle head to head.

Siege the Castle

The aim of the session is for the group, or sub-groups, to build their own giant ‘ballista catapult’ with the purpose of shooting projectiles at a ‘Castle’ themed target. Competitive activity requiring creative design and co-operative teamwork, points awarded for hitting the castle, knocking it over and for shooting the Zombie heads from the turrets! Great fun for all ages.

Team Challenge Activities

We can also provide a range of challenging initiative and creative team tasks to assist with team learning and development. These tasks are designed to be engaging and fun and will be facilitated by an experienced outdoor instructor. Learning can be reviewed and related to the workplace if required.

Please contact us for more information on booking a unique mobile event with us.