Archery Combat Tag – Archery Tag in the New Forest & Dorset

Insight Activities are now offering live team-based Archery Combat Tag. Our archery tag combat games combine specifically designed ‘tagging’ arrows with traditional, full power, recurve bows- the ultimate archery combat experience, a safe yet thrilling archery tag game. The ultimate aim is to ‘tag’ your opponents to take them out of the game.

Archery Combat Tag is an exciting team based combat sport, exclusive to Insight Activities. We can play indoors or out as our archery arrows have been specifically designed to absorb the impact. Our custom made ‘heads’ absorb the power of the impact, no welts or bruising like with paintball!! We generally run our games in an outdoor woodland environment but are fully mobile and able to run these games indoors too!

Players divide into two teams and are briefed on the ‘mission’. Take cover behind shelters, trees or any other obstacles and aim to be the first team to eliminate the opposition.

Virtually painless- unlike paintball, Archery Combat Tag is a safe, fun, very active and intense archery experience – the most fun you’re ever likely ever have with a bow and arrow!

We will start with a standard Archery session for training purposes then move into the Archery Tag – Combat games area. Game formats will likely include – ‘Back to back Duelling’ – ‘Team Death Match’ – ‘Infected’ – ‘Every man for Himself’ – ‘Capture the Flag’ – ‘Defend the Area’ – we do a lot more too but have to keep that secret on here..:-)

This really is the ‘Hunger games’ for real…Ages 10+.

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  • Archery Combat Tag
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Min participants: 8, Max participants: 24
  • £30.00 per person
  • Archery Combat Tag with Axes
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Min participants: 8, Max participants: 24
  • £35.00 per person
  • Archery Combat Tag with Axes and crossbows
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Min participants: 8, Max participants: 24
  • £40.00 per person

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