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Insight Activities specialise in delivering stag and hen do activities for groups in the New Forest and also in Dorset. Our 3 shooting ranges, Archery, Crossbows and Axe Throwing are arranged in a semi-circle so everybody can always see and interact with everybody else in the group, we do not split you up! There are enough activity stations to keep 24 people constantly active, no waiting around / sharing your go. We have a very relaxed yet professional approach to our sessions and can tailor them to each groups needs. Our ‘stag and hen do activities’ feedback page on Tripadvisor speaks for itself. Fancy dress most welcome. Online booking is limited to 12 places but if you email or call us to book in then there’s no maximum numbers. Minimum group size of 10 required if you wanted ‘exclusive use’ of the woodland – not possible in August! We can also accommodate smaller stag and hen bookings but our online booking stays open so you may be part of a group, up to 12 in total. Please email us if you have any queries.

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Half Day Packages

The Medieval Trio

This 2.5hr session starts with a brief Archery training session, once you know what you’re doing, we then open up the Axe Throwing and Rifle Crossbow range at the same time. You are now free to move between the activities as you choose, all 3 ranges will be running at the same time. Enjoy some archery competition, shoot at up to 25m using magnified scopes with the Rifle Crossbows, throw our truly unique custom Battle Axes – competitions and lots of banter expected!
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  • The Medieval Trio
  • Duration: 2.5 hour (New Forest & Dorset)
  • From £36.50 per person

Medieval Trio & Archery Combat Tag

This 3.5 hr session will start by training you with the bows. Once bow skills are honed, we will open the Axe Throwing and Rifle Crossbow range at the same time. Move freely between the activities. The last hour of the session is for Archery Combat Tag games – ‘Hunt the Stag’ – ‘Back to back Duelling’ – ‘Team Death Match’ – ‘Infected’ – ‘Every man for Himself’ – ‘Capture the Flag’ – ‘Defend the Area’ – we do a bit more too but have to keep that secret..:-)
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  • Medieval Trio & Archery Combat Tag
  • Duration: 3.5 hours (Dorset only)
  • £50.00 per person

Archery with Axes + Static Archery Combat Tag

This 2.5hr session starts with Archery – get your aim nailed as we will be using the same bows for Archery Combat. Once your on target with Archery, we will then open up the Axe Throwing range. Move freely between the ranges until we start the Static Archery Combat games – this session is not full running around Archery Combat, it is more ‘static’ scenarios. You will get to shoot at each-other but running around is limited.
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  • Archery with Axes + Static Archery Combat Tag
  • Duration: 2.5 hour (New Forest & Dorset)
  • £40.00 per person

Axe Throwing & Rifle Crossbows then ‘Siege the Castle’

This 3hr session will start with Axe Throwing and Rifle Crossbows. Move freely between the shooting ranges. We will then brief you on the next mission – Build a giant Catapult with the aim of ‘Sieging the Castle’ – Using long poles and extremely powerful slingshot bungee you will compete to construct, refine and shoot your Catapult at a Castle – points awarded for destroying the Castle – These Catapults are very powerful..!
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  • Axe Throwing & Rifle Crossbows then ‘Siege the Castle
  • Duration: 3 hours (Dorset Only)
  • £50.00 per person

Build your own perfect Stag or Hen do in the New Forest or Tolpuddle Dorset

Above are our most popular packages for Stag & Hen events. Please talk with us if you would like a bespoke activity day. We can potentially tailor the times and activities. We also offer a selection of Bushcraft courses, both full and half day options available.

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If booking a full day then bring a picnic!

We can light a fire to boil some water for tea / coffee but please bring your own lunch if booking a full day with us. Water is available to refill bottles.

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