Primitive Woodland Survival Skills – Bushcraft

Insight Activities also offer a selection of Primitive woodland survival courses and introductory experiences. Bushcraft full and half day sessions in Dorset and the New Forest. Set in one of our beautiful secluded woodlands, you will have the opportunity to learn many primitive survival skills. Each course varies depending on the groups interest. Skills include flint & steel, bow-drill and improvised fire-lighting. Knife skills, carving, shelter building, natural cordage and foraging for food as just a few examples.

We also offer a full day of Bushcraft and Field archery, bushcraft survival skills in the morning followed by shooting at archery targets, off piste, deep in the woods for the afternoon! This is not target archery in a field, it is advanced archery in the woods, shooting at elevation and around obstacles, instinctively!

Our half day options primarily focus on traditional fire-lighting by flint and steel and knife craft skills.
It is also possible to book an intro to Archery & Bushcraft firelighting session in the New Forest. 
Engage your inner survivalist, Ages 8+. Limited dates available, book the full day now at our Dorset woodland, half day Bushcraft sessions are also available at our New Forest woodland..


  • Full Day : 5.5 hours (£80pp)
  • 1/2 Day : 2.5 hours (£40pp)

You can book available dates online. If you can’t see a date you want then please contact us via email or phone if you have an enquiry. Please call us on 07752302010 if the enquiry is urgent, we will respond to emails. Thanks, Ken

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